Gabriele Morgan | Wild Cards
The Themes are compositions that are strongly melodic and mostly instrumental save for some vocal coloration here and there. They create powerful atmospheres and are beautiful in and of themselves, but are also ideal for visual media (Theme #3, "For A Lost City", is featured as the opening music for "Higher Grounds," a film written and directed by Diane Duarte starring Joan Cusak and Brian Gaskil).
Theme #2
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Theme #3
("For A Lost City")

Full Track - 3.93 MB
Other Pieces
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Theme #1
Full Track - 2.79 MB

No Moon At All 
4 track demo with Michael Penn on drums
My Heartbeat Is A Bell 
24 track demo
Give Up Your Ghost 
24 track demo
Five Of 
24 track demo
Toy Store 
24 track demo
Now What Do You Call This 
24 track demo

(All tracks above except No Moon At All are: Michael Penn, guitar & backing vocals; Patrick Warren, keyboards; Raphael Gayol, drums, Larry Rott, bass; Gabriele Morgan, lead & backing vocals)